Hungarian Gliders in Flight Simulators

Flight simulator activity in many aspects is simalar to aeromedeling. Both activities cover designing, building and flying - real or virtual - models of aircraft. In cases when no original model designs but models of existing aircraft types are involved the authenticity is important. To postulate a model to be the copy of an existing aircraft is a responsibility as many people would get acquainted with a part of the history through this model. The reason to open such a page whithin Hungarian Gliders is to show pictures of authentic simulated versions of Hungarian gliders as - unfortunately - there are activities in the flight simulator world and other websites to disguise gliders in the "skin" of other glider types. The history of both types - the disguised and a "front" one - are falsified in this way.

The virtual gliders shown here are the work of Gábor Jereb.


Video clip - simulation (Windows Media Player required)

M-30C Fergeteg

M-30B Fergeteg